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IMI FARMA is a pharmaceutical company that has been established as a licensed wholesaler and distributor since 1994 and is specialized in the procurement, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

IMI FARMA is driving innovative partnerships with global manufacturers, providers and pharmacies to improve product access and efficiency throughout the healthcare supply chain.

IMI FARMA has in possession two pharmaceutical warehouses: in Tirana and in Xhafzotaj - Durres.

Over the past 2 decades IMI FARMA developed long lasting close relationships with suppliers and customers to develop our highly successful business.

Today IMI Farma is improving product access and transforming the healthcare supply chain every day. Wherever we work, our customers enjoy quality without compromise thanks to the efforts of our highly customer focused, efficient and dedicated team.

All the employers trained for the work procedure that should follow perform the duties with dedication and politeness.

IMI FARMA offers a comprehensive product portfolio from well known Marketing Authorization Holders like :

  • Hoffman la Roche/Switzerland
  • Merck Serono/Switzerland
  • Sanofi/France
  • Sanofi-Pasteur/France
  • Panpharma-Rotexmedica / France-Germany
  • Bessins / Belgium
  • Sterop/ Belgium
  • Stallergenes/ France
  • IBSA / Zwitzerland
  • NTC/Italy
  • Urgo/ France

To learn about the products we offer, visit our products.

IMI FARMA supplies to

  • 300 private pharmacies (among 1200)
  • 41 hospital pharmacies
  • 10 private clinics
  • 10 secondary suppliers
  • IMIFARMA chain pharmacies (located in different areas of Tirana)

Our Mission
Our mission statement is simple: to continually grow a business where we have satisfied customers, satisfied suppliers and satisfied employees.

IMI FARMA aims to promote the comprehensive medicines wholesaling, distribution and associated services provided by our members that ensure resilience, certainty and flexibility for our customers.
Patient safety is of paramount importance to our members and this is why we adhere to the highest principles of distribution practice. Our mission is to work closely with all our customers and suppliers to provide reliability, quality management and a high level of customer care.

Our purpose designed temperature regulated storage, streamlined processes and specialized management system, create a controlled and efficient facility. This ensures the accurate checking and recording of individual batch numbers for all goods received, appropriate storage according to manufacturer guidelines, order entry, picking and packing, stock management, sales order processing, through to dispatch and delivery. For that reason, IMI FARMA successfully passed all the audits performed from MAH and MOH because of the set up system for drug good quality storage and distribution during the last years

Pharmaceutical warehousing and distribution - IMIFARMA is everywhere, anytime!

In the field of medicines wholesale trade, "logistics" plays an important role - providing effective and fast solutions of transport and warehousing services. While transporting pharmaceutical goods, it is necessary to observe/provide a set of various important requirements - corresponding temperature conditions for various medicines, safety of delivery, as well storage conditions suitable for each medicine.

The medical products are imported, stored in our two Pharmaceutical Warehouses (in Tirana and Xhafzotaj, Durres) and distributed according to the contemporary standards detailed on Good Distribution.

Both of the warehouses are equipped with modern technology, that enable efficient work process. The imported medical products are placed according to the applicable practices in segregated areas, qualified and monitored.

For all pharmaceutical products that require cold chain distribution, we use vehicles that provide constant temperature monitoring once they leave our premises. Our logistical expertise allows us to deliver your products securely and on time to your customers.

Our focus is on establishing close business relationships working with each customer to meet their specific needs sourcing the best products, providing the best storage facilities and adhering to good pharmaceutical wholesaling practice.

Basic principles

  • the ability to source pharmaceuticals drugs and medical devices
  • the ability to store and keep these medicines safely and under clinically-required conditions until required by pharmacies, hospitals, private clinics and secondary suppliers.
  • the ability to promote the highest standards of Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
  • the ability to distribute our pharmaceutical products fast and safe all over Albania.
  • Security, efficiency and quality are the basic values for a product to be part of IMIFARMA products!

IMI FARMA collects and reports all the adverse effects (ADR) and adverse events (AE) related to the imported and distributed products. For a prestigious company like IMI FARMA, the responsible staff for regulatory affairs is an important part of professional credibility establishment with our partners and patient care. One pharmaceutical product before introduced into the market must be registered in accordance with the law.
Persons responsible for the logistics and pharmacovigilance, are trained for all the working procedures that should follow, procedures that are related to the required documentation procurement for the imports, sales and distribution of the pharmaceutical products.

In case of needed information or any enquires related to our products please contact us at the following numbers/email addresses:
" Product purchases:
Tel: 00355 4 22 15 600
Tel: 00355 4 22 31 700


Quality Assurance:
BesaResulaj * email: tel: 00355676018712

Adverse Event / Adverse Drug Reaction reports:
BesaResulaj * email: tel: 00355676018712


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